March 2, 2024

"Minister of Everything" - Chrystia Freeland's Skyrocketing Rise in Canada - News

“Minister of Everything” – Chrystia Freeland’s Skyrocketing Rise in Canada – News


It’s the woman who pulls coals from the fire for Trudeau. She is reliable to lag behind.

It all started in 2013. Chrystia Freeland was elected to the Canadian Parliament without any political experience. In a few years it will find itself in the center of power. There was no indication of a political career. Freeland studied abroad. She became a successful journalist in Moscow and New York and wrote a book on the super-rich; Unfair distribution of wealth, about the needs of the middle class.

A young Canadian politician was deeply impressed: Justin Trudeau. He wanted to lead his left-wing liberal party to power. And he wanted Freeland’s help. Canadian political scientist Nelson Wiseman says of her: “Freeland had an international reputation in finance, and as a journalist, she was a good draw. He gave Trudeau credibility. He recruited her abroad and practically promised her a government position.”

Head of three ministries

In 2015, his party amazingly won the parliamentary elections. Freeland became Minister of Commerce. This was first noticed in Europe when the free trade agreement between Canada and the European Union threatened to fail – in Belgium due to resistance from the Walloon Parliament. Vreeland, exhausted in Brussels with tears, said she was deeply disappointed. At least she can now go home to her three children. Finally, the agreement came. But the real test is yet to come.

Freeland has an international reputation in finance and as a journalist. He gave Trudeau credibility.

In the United States, new President Donald Trump has promised that he will cancel the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). For Canada it was about sausages. About three-quarters of exports go to the United States. Freeland, now Secretary of State, must negotiate a new agreement with Washington. Trudeau and Trump soon fell out publicly.

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But Freeland negotiated behind the scenes for months and brought a new deal back to Ottawa. Trudeau said that no minister has had such a difficult task to solve in an entire generation. Since then, the Prime Minister has not been able to do without her.

Trudeau only utters hollow words. (…) Freeland has a core.

Make her deputy prime minister. When the coronavirus hit, Freeland quickly became Secretary of the Treasury, becoming Canada’s first woman. The mistakes of 2009 should not be repeated, nor should economic hardships ferment. It could jeopardize democracy. Canada will not allow it, Freeland said, when she recently presented her budget.

More efficient than Trudeau

It involves huge expenditures and large deficits. With this, Freeland wants to lead the country out of the pandemic. She has long been called the “Minister of Everything”. In terms of efficiency, she has outdone Trudeau by far, says political journalist Robert Fife of The Globe and Mail. Trudeau only utters hollow words. Freeland can express herself intelligently and competently in political content. her core.”


Trump (center, front) Trudeau (right) and Freeland at the signing ceremony for T-MEC, the agreement that succeeded NAFTA, on November 30, 2018 in Buenos Aires.


Trudeau’s image has been damaged by various scandals. So far, no disagreements have emerged. Only with Trudeau’s charisma could she keep up. “She has absolutely no charisma. Like Angela Merkel, she is strong but not aggressive. “I’m not a busy woman, I’m a worker,” Fife says.

Justin Trudeau is still firmly in the saddle. But when it is replaced one day, the big Chrystia Freeland watch may come. The 52-year-old would be qualified enough. Hardly anyone in Canada doubts that.