May 22, 2024

Millions of Windows users benefit: New features are ready for abandoned systems

With cumulative update KB5036892 for version 22H2, Windows 10 users are receiving some new features.

Microsoft represented the update preview AnnounceCome Highlight Windows (Windows point of view) too to desktop. Previously, the functionality only included automatically changing background images from Bing being displayed on the lock screen. Now Spotlight can also be activated for your desktop background. This has been possible for a long time with Windows 11, but previously it was only possible to update and update it using the Bing Wallpaper tool in Windows 10.

Also on it Lock the screen Something is happening again with Windows 10: new content from the fields of sports, transportation, and finance should be offered. Users in the European Economic Area should also see New Search Highlights. Research field They are displayed on the taskbar, according to Microsoft.

And with the update, Microsoft is also making an appearance again Invitation letters For a free upgrade to Windows 11 for authorized users – a less important benefit than self-promotion.

Finally, the update also fixes some issues and closes security vulnerabilities. As Microsoft points out, some features are being rolled out gradually and may not be immediately available to all users.

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