June 17, 2024

Mike Pence confirms that Joe Biden is the forty-sixth president of the United States

Now it’s official: Joe Biden He has a choice United States of America had won. until Trump card He sees him Election defeat Now one – more or less. Some government officials are reportedly pondering whether there isn’t a faster way to do so Trump card To expel him from his office

I finish: U.S. Congress He has a choice Joe Biden (78) Next president of United State It has been officially confirmed. vice president Mike Pence (61) The final official result was announced at a meeting of both councils. Pence The count said “as a sufficient explanation” for Bidens It should be considered a victory, but it did not congratulate the incoming government. Trump supporters had previously stormed the Capitol building, which is why Congress’ deliberations had to be interrupted for several hours.

also Donald Trump (74) He sees him Election defeat Now one – more or less. In a statement, he promised an orderly handover of office, but also said he “completely disagrees” with the election results. “While this is the end of the greatest term in presidential history, it is just the beginning of our fight to Make America Great Again!” According to the Washington Post He should Trump card She is in an unstable state, listening only to a small number of staff, who are holed up in the White House and have developed a “bunker mentality.”

Meanwhile, several US media outlets reported that high-ranking government officials were discussing the matter Trump card He will be removed from his position before January 20. This will be possible through the Twenty-fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution. This states, among other things, that the President can be removed if the Vice President and a majority of the Cabinet deem him unfit to hold office. Another possibility is another impeachment trial.

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