November 29, 2023

Migros and Coop call "all stocks".

Migros and Coop call “all stocks”.

Ferrero has again expanded the draw in Switzerland: now it concerns all stocks of “baby” products. Three new products are also on the list. Migros and Cobb already replied.

Lovers of surprise eggs or “chocolate cookies for kids” beware: the salmonella scandal surrounding Italian chocolate factory Ferrero is spreading more and more — and all things a week before Easter.

Customers are requested not to eat the affected products but to return them.Photo: shutterstock

So far, the summons in Switzerland Only chocolate with selected dates is better before. All stocks of a total of 13 products from the “Kids” group are now affected. This is what you write Migros For Cumulus customers. CH Media has received the message. Moreover barn Affected by extended recall, as detailed in Twitter He writes.

Specifically, it is about chocolate eggs “Kinder Surprise”, “Kinder Schokobons”, “Kinder Happy Moments”, “Kinder Maxi Mix Plush Toy” and “Kinder Mini Eggs Hazelnut”. Already affected products have been removed from the shelves. In addition, customers are asked not to eat the affected products, but to return them.

Hundreds of cases of salmonella across Europe

The background is hundreds of cases of salmonella across Europe that can be traced back to a factory in Belgium. Ferrero was forced to close the plant last Friday after regulator Afsca temporarily suspended Ferrero’s production license for the Arlon plant until all food safety rules and requirements were met. All Kinder chocolate products manufactured in Arlon have also been recalled.

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Ferrero previously announced that salmonella had been detected in the factory since December 15, 2021. Salmonella was found in a sieve at the exit of two raw material tanks. Then the products made from it were discontinued. Filter has been replaced and controls increased on unfinished and finished products. The Belgian Public Prosecutor’s Office is now investigating the chocolate giant, as it became known on Monday. (abi / dpa / ch media)

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