June 17, 2024

Migration is changing winter sports, as Olympic champion shows

Migration is changing winter sports, as Olympic champion shows

Olympic champion for the first time: American Nathan Chen
Photo: dpa

Immigration is also transforming winter sports, as Olympic champions Nathan Chen, Elaine Jo and Chloe Kim have explained. This is good news, which the Germans should pay attention to carefully.

cHello Kim, Olympic Half-pipe Champion. Nathan Chen, Olympic champion in figure skating. Eileen Jo, Olympic Champion Big Air Three Asian Americans, children of Asian immigrants who grew up in the United States, celebrate the first week of the Winter Olympics in Beijing. Joe and Kim were born and raised in California, Chen is from Utah but due to his great talent he went to California at the age of ten for training.

Under sometimes difficult circumstances: his parents, who emigrated from China in 1988, had hardly any money. Eileen Jo, whose mother grew up in Beijing like Chen, and Chloe Kim, whose parents came to America from Korea, were much better off financially. But they all carry the impulse that made their parents – like millions of other immigrants around the world – transition to a new life: a desire for social progress, a better life, and a willingness to take risks.

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