Midsummer in May. The expected annual record temperature on Friday.

Swiss weather flash

What will the weather be like in Switzerland in the next 24 hours? Here you are informed of everything important!


Hoch Yannes brings midsummer to spring. After strong thunderstorms hit Thursday, the temperature is expected to reach 33 degrees locally on Friday, the hottest day so far.

The warmest May night measured at Visp VS on Thursday was followed by another hot May day at several measuring stations in Switzerland. The warmest in the creek was 31.1 degrees. Also in the central plateau, mercury rose to just over the 30-degree mark. So 30.7 degrees were measured at Gösgen SO. It was 30.2 degrees in Schaffhausen, 30.1 degrees in Dillsberg-Go, and exactly 30 degrees in Basel-Benningen.

In the late afternoon several thunderstorm cells emptied here and there, which were also locally accompanied by hail. During Friday night, thunderstorms are gradually moving towards other countries. In Switzerland, the weather calms down from the west.

The hottest day of the year so far is Friday

There may be occasional thunderstorms on Friday along the Central and Eastern Alps, but it will remain mostly dry. Temperatures are still on the rise. Already in the early morning temperatures range from 14 to 20 degrees. During the day waiting for us Hottest day of the year so far. In the lowlands 31 ° is possible, locally up to 33 °, He writes MeteoNews. In the lowlands, the westerly winds will rise slightly from the afternoon. In the evening, gusts of wind are also possible at times, and violent thunderstorms in places on Saturday night.

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Thunderstorms expected again Saturday evening. (Icon picture)

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Still very warm, but not quite hot on Saturday and Sunday. During the day, temperatures hover around 25 degrees. A few short showers or thunderstorms are likely on the northern edge and in eastern Switzerland in the morning, otherwise it will be mostly dry and sunny, especially in the afternoon. It will also be mostly sunny on Sunday with a maximum of 27°C. It is possible to take a shower in the mountains in the afternoon.

From “rainy May” 2021 to “hot May” 2022

Hot days with temperatures above 30 degrees are rare in May, but they are not exceptional. May 2017 also showed its summer side with temperatures in excess of 30 degrees. Before that, in May 2009, temperatures exceeded 30 degrees. It was cooler last year. The temperatures were much lower than normal. who – which Indicates MeteoSwiss Climate Bulletin. It went down in the history books as the wettest May since the measurements began.

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