December 10, 2023

Microsoft Your Phone is currently going through an identity crisis

Microsoft Your Phone is currently going through an identity crisis

T.L. Dr

  • Microsoft has renamed its Your Phone app to two different names for PC and Play Store.
  • The app also has a new design that matches the aesthetics of Windows 11.

Microsoft’s easy-to-use Your Phone app now has a new name. Actually two different names.

Microsoft announce Rework your phone app on Thursday. if you want Download it to your Windows PCNow you can find it as a phone link. While the new brand makes more sense than the nondescript “Your Phone” nickname, it’s still a bit confusing given that the Android version of the app has a completely different name.

If you search for your phone, Android phone, you will find that the application will appear Windows in the play store. It’s the same as what Samsung calls the feature that’s included in newer Galaxy devices.

Why can’t Microsoft stick to a standard name for PC and Play Store? Perhaps a rebranding is exactly what you need. Or at least the company can choose a name across the board.

However, the new Phone Link app on your Windows PC also has a redesigned interface. He gets a new ride on his own. Notifications are placed in the foreground for better visibility. The app also stores messages, photos, calls, and apps in a new navigation bar at the top.

Application colors follow the Windows 11 theme scheme with new icons, controls, and illustrations.