March 3, 2024

Microsoft unveiled the next generation of Windows on June 24

Microsoft unveiled the next generation of Windows on June 24

The next generation of Windows is coming. Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft unveiled the “next generation of Windows” on June 24

Microsoft The Next Generation of Windows will be presented on June 24, 2021. The show will be held as part of the What’s Next for Windows digital event. The software company announced this Wednesday evening. According to the media invitation, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Product Manager Panos Panay will be the future windows To provide.

The development of the “next generation of Windows” continued for a long time under the project name “Sun Valley”. In fall 2020, screenshots were first published To give a first glimpse into the future of Windows.

It is not yet known whether the big update or the new version will also have a new name for Windows 10. It will only be possible to visualize Windows 11 or Windows.

Microsoft has rolled back major updates to Windows 10 for the past year or two. It is very likely that an updated user interface and a revised app store will now be introduced. The start menu, taskbar, explorer, system apps provided by Microsoft, and other items such as the notification center are expected to receive a change. The goal of the update is a consistent and modern design with improved animations and a few new features. The major Windows Update is expected for Fall 2021.

Probably the most important Windows event in years June 24 from 5 pm Switzerland time It can be followed as a live broadcast on this website.

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The head of Microsoft is already using the new generation of Windows

Microsoft President Nadella spoke in detail about the new Windows generation in detail for the first time at the end of May and said during his opening speech at the BUILD annual conference:

“Windows has never been more important” (…) “We will soon introduce one of the most important updates to the Windows operating system of the past decade, which will open up greater economic opportunities for developers and creators. I’ve been using it myself for a few months and am really excited about the next generation of Windows, which will open up new possibilities for developers and creators. Our promise to you: The most innovative and open platform for app development and monetization. We look forward to telling you more about it soon.”

Microsoft Chef Satya Nadella

New App Store for Windows?

Der Tech-Blog Windows Central mentioned In April, Microsoft plans to publish a completely redesigned App Store for Windows this year, which is not only clearer and faster, but above all more open to all kinds of apps And play will be. Specifically, it should be easier for software providers in the future to offer all imaginable applications in the Microsoft Store.

According to previously unconfirmed information from Windows Central, in the future app developers will be able to bring their Windows software to the Store without code modifications and manage updates themselves. Microsoft is even considering allowing app providers with their own sales platforms or payment solutions. The latter would be a revolution and would mean that app developers could bypass Microsoft Store fees in the future. This would make the App Store more attractive to software developers. Due to the fees and restrictions of the App Store, many software providers prefer to sell their Windows software via their own website.

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