July 17, 2024

Microsoft services are temporarily unusable on Thursday

Microsoft services are temporarily unusable on Thursday

A bug reported to Telekom in the early morning of Thursday has now been resolved. The company announced this at 11.35 a.m. on Twitter.

Many people complained about the failures on Twitter. And Telekom had confirmed the incident: “There are currently problems using Microsoft Office 365 products, including the use of Webex. Microsoft’s web services via Telekom access are down, and customers in the fixed network cannot currently use Microsoft services,” the company tweeted Thursday morning.

Also on the website www.allestören.de Increased reports of malfunctions in the telecom company. They are now in decline again. Turbulence has been a particular problem for people who work in the home office.

Overlap between Microsoft and Telekom servers?

In some cases, restarting the router fixed the problem, especially for private customers. Telekom also shared this information on Twitter.

Several indicators point to a faulty network connection between the Telekom server and the Microsoft server, Der Spiegel writes. However, there are still no confirmations of this assumption. The cause of the problem is not yet clear.

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