June 17, 2024

Microsoft 365 (Bild: Microsoft)

Microsoft pulls Microsoft 365 update

It causes Office applications such as Outlook to crash. The problem occurs as soon as you open a contact. Microsoft recommends that you uninstall the latest Microsoft 365 update.

Microsoft has pulled version 2206 update from Microsoft 365. Also computer is bleeding You mentioned that the software company responds to user complaints. According to them, after installing the update, Office apps crash as soon as you open a contact or hover over the contact’s name or profile picture.

The update in question (Version 15330.20298) was released on Tuesday as part of the August Patch Day. Those affected are users of the Microsoft 365 Monthly Enterprise Channel.

The crashes occur as soon as the user tries to open a contact. Mouseovers also cause a crash, over names or profile pictures in emails, comments, or shared documents. The error messages return codes 0xc0000005 and 0xc0000374.

Based on reports from users on Reddit and in the Microsoft Answers forum, BleepingComputer ranks the issue as widespread. The only remedy at the moment is to downgrade to Enterprise Channel 2205 – the Microsoft 365 update released in July.

Microsoft is now aware of the problem. In advisory MO412229, the company stated that it will no longer distribute the update to version 2206. The data related to the error will now be collected and the possible cause investigated.

“While we continue to investigate the cause of this issue, we reverted to the last known unaffected version to expedite resolution of the issue and then confirmed the solution with some previously affected users,” Microsoft said.

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Microsoft advises users who have installed the version 2206 update to roll back to version 2205. Administrators can do this through the Microsoft 365 admin center. Guide to stopping Microsoft Its location is ready.