July 14, 2024

Microsoft now allows you to sign in without a password

Microsoft now allows you to sign in without a password

The current Microsoft blog says “Nobody likes passwords”. The tech giant is launching passwordless registration for all users with immediate effect.

The basics in brief

  • For some time now, tech companies have been campaigning for a passwordless future.
  • At Microsoft, accounts can now be used entirely without a password.
  • As an alternative, Windows developer relies on external authentication.

In the digital age, passwords have long become a companion of daily life. Despite the importance of good encryption, these passwords often become a problem in their own right. This is why Microsoft is at least ringing the bell Now the age without a password a.

A Microsoft account without a password is now available

Passwords are either forgotten, decrypted by attackers, or simply guessed – at least that’s Microsoft’s thesis. Other encryption methods for signing in with a Microsoft account are more secure. It is now possible to completely remove the password in the account settings.

Alternatively, you can register for example Microsoft’s authentication app Uses. It is also possible to switch to windows Hi, usb key or verification code via sms or email.

Do you use a different password for each service?

Microsoft considers passwords to be a security risk

subordinate windowsThe developer himself is completely convinced of the new method. “We tested it ourselves: almost all of our employees now use this option to log into their personal corporate account,” the blog post states.

Microsoft doesn’t just dream of a passwordless future. Tech giants like Google too or An apple It is currently working on possible alternatives to the traditional password. In the IphoneManufacturers, for example, can use internal Face ID as a secure encryption method.

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