June 21, 2024

Microsoft is turning off Cortana for Windows 10 and 11

Microsoft is turning off Cortana for Windows. From when language assistant is no longer supported as an app and which apps should replace it.

Cortana voice assistant will soon be removed from Windows 10 and 11. The move is part of Microsoft’s recent artificial intelligence offensive, which aims to make room for new products.

However, the Microsoft Virtual Assistant will continue to be available in some Microsoft products, as the company recently confirmed via support. This means that users can continue to use Cortana in Outlook Mobile, Teams Mobile, Microsoft Teams View, and Microsoft Teams Rooms. The end of the app in Windows 10 and 11 is planned for the end of 2023.

This is what Cortana’s successor looks like

As an alternative to Cortana, Microsoft offers several programs that build on and expand Cortana’s capabilities. For example, Voice Control in Windows 11 should be able to give instructions via voice commands. There’s also the renewed search engine Bing, which now uses AI via ChatGPT, and the AI ​​productivity assistant Copilot.

The copilot should be in the taskbar and handle important tasks like the cut tool, copy and paste content, arrange windows, and adjust custom Windows settings. In addition, the content should be able to be explained, paraphrased, and summarized.