Microsoft is testing the service pipeline in the new Canary channel for Windows 11

This week, Microsoft began rolling out a new Windows Insider Canary channel for rapid delivery of test builds. The first preview release now follows the first automatic update as a test.


This is again a test of the so called “Service Pipeline” and this time the test is mandatory due to the Insider program rebuild.

Those who already subscribed to Windows 11 in the Canary channel via the Windows Insider Program will receive a second update this week. The new cumulative update brings build 25314.1010, which does not bring any visible changes.

Testing of the new channel is running

The Windows team is only testing the update process, i.e. the routine by which updates are delivered for functionality and overall quality, and would like feedback. It is the first automatic update for Canary. The update was also not announced on the Windows blog. The internal director has already indicated this when restructuring the test program. Communication about new builds and testing updates is mainly done via Twitter. There he said now:

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“Cumulative update build 25314.1010 (KB5025135) is being released to #WindowsInsiders on the Canary channel. This update does not contain anything new and is intended to test our service pipeline. ^BLB (Brandon LeBlanc)”.

Test for future updates

With the launch of Windows 11 in 2021, Microsoft made fundamental changes to update delivery and reduced update packages by about 40 percent. Since then, the volume of updates and delivery has been continuously improved.


  • Microsoft has launched the Windows Insider Canary channel with the first automatic update.
  • Mandatory testing of the service pipeline, no visible changes.
  • The update process and routine are tested for feature and quality updates.
  • Communicate about new designs and test updates mainly via Twitter.
  • 40% reduction in update packages, continually optimized delivery.
  • Microsoft would like feedback on automatic updating in the Canary channel.
  • The update brings build 25314.1010, which was not announced on the Windows Blog.

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