April 22, 2024

Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 is affordable Surface Pen for students

Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 is affordable Surface Pen for students

Microsoft releases a new pen for teaching: the Class 2 pen. The pen will be available from April 27th and will be sold directly to schools.

The company started in the beginning Classroom pen In 2019, this pen sells for $ 39.99 each. It was compatible with any device that supports the MPP protocol (including a number of non-Windows devices).

Microsoft is increasing the budget with this release. School 2 pen sells in 20 packs for $ 399.80, which is $ 19.99 per pen. for every Microsoft Post BlogHowever, this pen appears to be only optimized for Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Go devices – no other Windows devices mentioned.

Microsoft claims that the device has an “improved design” from Previous modelAlthough the advertisement does not give much detail. Pen 2 appears to be a different color and has a pen clip that you can attach to your Surface Type Cover. The company also says the new device has a taller body to “improve grip strength.” Certainly.

Like its predecessor, the Pen 2 appears to have two buttons. The classroom pen also offers some of the features that are specific to the classroom: It comes with replacement pellets and has a hole in which teachers can attach a chain to secure the pen to your surface.

This release is part of Microsoft’s long-running campaign to challenge Chromebooks in education. (They had these devices Best year ever In 2020, many students around the world are starting to take lessons from home.)

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Microsoft has worked with partners like Acer, Dell, and Lenovo to bring out dozens of them Under $ 500 for Windows PC Side by side over the past few years Microsoft Teams updates Designed for the classroom. Pen support can be a must for students who want to draw diagrams and take notes on their notebook computers and distributing surface pens widely can definitely give teachers some paper and ink. And if you’re a regular person like me and really want to play with your $ 20 pen, now is the time to make friends with some of the neighborhood gurus.