Microsoft: Beware this update email – do not react under any circumstances!

There is currently a massive phishing attack on Microsoft accounts. Users are contacted by e-mail for this purpose. Microsoft continues to warn of an error naming “employees”.

Germany – Tech giant Microsoft has been repeatedly hit by phishing attacks. For several years now, users have been called by alleged Microsoft employees who offered to perform a supposedly necessary security update. Another attack is being warned. Simple Trick: Users are asked to update their accounts via email (more digital news on RUHR24).

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Microsoft Phishing Hoax: Update Your Account by June 15th

Like the page Dr.. Windows According to the report, the corresponding mail warns that without this update, the user’s account will be banned on June 15, 2021. Literally it says in the mail:

From June 15, 2021, Microsoft users who still need to update their email accounts will no longer be able to sign in…

Microsoft Mail Phishing

Accordingly, the subject of the message is “Account Upgrade” and the (disguised) email address is: [email protected] To update, users must click a link in the message.

Microsoft Phishing: Scammers Steal Their Victims’ Credentials

This link then leads the victim to a fake Microsoft website. It’s a “poorly made” copy of Microsoft’s login page reports computer image.

Cybercriminals are on their way to obtain access data for users. It should not be entered here under any circumstances – because scammers may misuse it for their own purposes.

Phishing attacks: This is what Microsoft advises its users to do

In truth, of course, there’s no need to upgrade – and of course all user accounts will remain active after June 15th. Microsoft states on its help page that its users have never received unsolicited emails. Contacting Microsoft Support is always done exclusively at the user’s initiative.

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You should never click on links in suspicious emails. These phishing emails can often be identified by bad German – as is the case with current phishing emails, such as Dr.. Windows explained.

Microsoft phone fraud: Wrong employees warn of alleged virus attacks

With phone fraud, which has been known for a long time and which Microsoft is now warning about again, it is not possible to identify fraudsters with incorrect language. On the contrary: like a woman from North Rhine-Westphalia RUHR24 The clearest who fell in love with criminals, they speak fluent German.

Your treacherous trick: You contact Microsoft users in private and pretend to be a Microsoft employee. They state that an urgent security update is necessary due to a virus attack. As reported by many of the victims, they came forward with “full and convincing credibility”.

Microsoft ’employee hoax’: Victims sometimes lose a lot of money

As Microsoft itself explains, the wrong “staff” will then offer programs over the phone that are supposed to help clean the device. Anyone who installs this remote maintenance software sets up a Trojan horse that fraudsters can use to gain access to the device and spy on all the data.

As in the case of the woman from North Rhine-Westphalia, a lot of money is sometimes taken from the victims. Criminals state that they have to pay the corresponding fee to get support – but they will return them later.

The scammers transfer the money themselves by accessing the account which they can see through the scam, and the victims only have to enter the mobile TAN.

Microsoft Support Trick: Make sure you report cases to the police

Just as there are frequent phishing attacks on WhatsApp or Amazon, Microsoft users are also regularly targeted by online fraudsters. This phone scam has been known as a “Microsoft Support Scam” for years. In this context, Microsoft confirms that the company will not under any circumstances make unwanted phone calls. Even in response to official support inquiries, assistance is usually provided by email. In any case, victims should turn to the police immediately.

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Microsoft is working closely with investigators around the world to learn more about fraudsters. In order to be able to take more targeted action against criminals, victims are required to: to report their condition.

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