Michael Windler says goodbye to his Telegram channel

Michael Windler is breaking up. The successful star has announced that he will be deleting his profile on the Telegram news service. This time forever?

On February 6, the last message at the moment was sent on Michael Windler’s Telegram channel. In it, the successful star, who lives in the United States, announced the pregnancy of his wife, Laura Mueller. After that, the account calmed down. Until now.

Wendler was informed Sunday evening German time with surprising news and announcing that he was withdrawing from the platform. “Dear Followers, Fans and Friends…” begins. “I have decided to completely delete my Telegram channel in the next few days. There will be no more content here. Greetings from the US.”

The 50-year-old does not give a reason for this. But it is not the first time he has taken this step. He broke up three years ago, but got back together after a short time. At the time, about 100,000 people followed him on Telegram, and as of now (March 13, 2023, 3:24 p.m.) there are only 94,300 subscribers.

Wendler is a falling star

Michael Windler shot himself in 2020 after publicly admitting conspiracy theories and causing a firefight with various statements. As a result, he lost jobs and advertising partners. Meanwhile, he and his wife withdrew completely to his adopted country of the United States, ruining his career in Germany.

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