Michael Windler and Laura: The Next Setback in the US Entertainment

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It looks like he’s running out of money for singer Michael Windler, 50, who is drawing controversy for his swearing. In Germany, he owes the tax office nearly 1 million euros. Apparently, the money he got from his pregnant wife Laura Mueller (22) is now also a rarity in the US.

The Wendler property is for sale online

Photo: zillow.com

The latest indicator: his waterfront property (1040 sqm) in Punta Gorda is for sale.

Bought this in 2020 after selling the villa in Cape Coral for €767,000 (gain about €400,000) on the Peace River. Presumably for 237,000 euros. Wendler reportedly did not buy the land privately, but as president of “Peace River 2021 Inc.”

Michael Windler and Lorah wanted to build a home on this lake

Michael Windler and Lorah wanted to build a home on this lake

Photo: zillow.com

► According to BILD information, it is now offered for sale on the Internet for the equivalent of about 283,000 euros (BILD has the ad).

BILD LEARN: Wendler actually wanted to put a dream home on his property. The building plan available to BILD that he commissioned shows that he was planning to build a flat roof bungalow with three bedrooms (two of them with a bathroom), large windows in the entrance area, very spacious garage for three to four cars, master suite with walk-in closet and a large hallway.

According to experts, the construction would have increased the value of the property with a dock for boats to between 900 and 1 million euros. According to BILD Information, Wendler had a building permit. But instead of building now selling.

Michael Windler mows the lawn on a riding mower

Michael Windler mowing the lawn in his rental home on his “Craftsman” riding mower

Photo: Chris Gordon

The offer to sell comes after the planned television deal with RTL2, for which he and his wife Laura would have received around €500,000, has expired. After public criticism and a move away from RTL, the station again shelved the project.

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