June 23, 2024

Michael Wendler: Success in court

Michael Wendler: Success in court

A private filmmaker made Michael Wendler’s residence public. The hit star then took legal action.

Pop singer Michael Wendler has successfully obtained an injunction against a private film maker who published his new home address in the USA. As a Boone County Courthouse spokeswoman announced Thursday, the director posted a video on a social media network seven weeks after the ex-RTL star and his wife moved to a new villa in Florida in the summer of 2022. In it, he showed the Wendlers’ new property, and commented in a disrespectful way. Friendly and finally revealed the site.

Logic says that publishing the private title in the video violates the plaintiff’s right to media self-determination. The 50-year-old justified his request for an injunction by saying that, among other things, he moved so that he was not constantly harassed by the press and the public. Since the video in question was online, he and his wife were increasingly cornered by visitors who filmed the property or rang a bell.

Michael Wendler initially asked the director out of court to pull the video. However, when the opponent did not reply, he went to court. The director now faces a fine of up to €250,000 in the event of a violation.

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