July 16, 2024

MI6 British Secret Service announces its position as “Q”

MI6 British Secret Service announces its position as “Q”

Specified by Q: Aston Martin DB5 1965 that was used in the James Bond movie.
Photo: dpa

He always gives James Bond the latest secret weapons – and now he should support MI6 in real life, too: British intelligence is officially looking for a “Q”.

DrThe scene belongs to all the good James Bond movies: The head of British intelligence, known as “Q,” introduces Agent 007 with the latest secret weapons.

MI6 has now already announced this post. Chief of Authorities Richard Moore announced Thursday via Twitter. We are looking for an experienced company manager from the digital technology or mechanical engineering sectors, as mentioned in the bid.

“As a ‘Q’, you are responsible for the teams that apply technology to carry out our missions against tough UK opponents,” the job announcement continues. And in a recent interview with the Radio Times, Moore said the post has officially come to be called “Q”. The head of the authority set himself the goal of making the service more visible to the public.

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