November 29, 2023

Messages in Google Search Console are just a test

Messages in Google Search Console are just a test

New notifications in Google Search Console confuse users. Now everything is clear on Twitter: it was just a test.

The basics in brief

  • Strange warnings on Google Search Console are confusing users.
  • Now chief webmaster John Mueller is masquerading: It was just a test.
  • However, this should not be visible to the public.

There are more notifications at the top of Google Search Console. These warn users of problems of varying severity. The third stage, “Announcement of an important issue”, cannot even be clicked.

Instead, there is a link that says “Learn more”. However, according to “Search Engine Land”, this currently does not work. Experts assume that Google does Test a new methodTo make site operators aware of the issues.

This was confirmed shortly thereafter by Google’s chief webmaster John Mueller. He writes Twitter: «If someone sees this in Google Search Console, this is a test from us.» The message was external It should not be visible.

So Mueller apologizes to users for the confusion — and wants to calm them down with the video. In the link: Ironically, the Pink Floyd Classic “Shine on you Crazy Diamond” performance.

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