March 1, 2024

Message from WhatsApp in Status: Messenger wants it from you

Message from WhatsApp in Status: Messenger wants it from you


Status message from WhatsApp? The messenger is currently informing some of you and promoting a practical function that may still be unknown to many.

WhatsApp announces self-deleting messages in status. (Source: WhatsApp screenshot)

  • WhatsApp is currently announcing the ‘Self-Delete Messages’ option with the status message.
  • If you activate this, your messages will disappear in the chat after a preset period of time.
  • The feature was introduced in 2020.

In addition to status reports from your friends, you may also find a message from them The WhatsApp with you in the situation. what is all of this? Some time ago, Messenger was given the right to tell you about innovations in the app via in-app messages. In the current status report, WhatsApp announces a “self-delete messages” function, for example.

WhatsApp introduced this in 2020 under the name “Expired messages“It still seems to be of little use, so Messenger is now promoting it. If you activate the feature in chat, all messages sent here will be deleted after a preset period of time.

You can choose between 24 hours, 7 or 90 days. You can also set all new chats to start deleting messages automatically via the “Default message duration” option in Settings.

Although again my last work The functionality of WhatsApp is largely unknownWe present it to you in the linked article. Voice messages are easy to listen to. We also show you on Netzwelt what’s going on with Red exclamation mark behind whatsapp messages He has it on himself.

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