December 9, 2023

Merkel in the United States: "The trip is clearly disappointing"

Merkel in the United States: “The trip is clearly disappointing”

The US government is not lifting entry restrictions for travelers from Europe. “We will maintain current travel restrictions,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in Washington on Monday. During her visit to US President Joe Biden, Chancellor Angela Merkel gave the impression that the measure, which had been a particular problem for business travelers, scientists, artists and students, could be reversed. Merkel said she had raised the issue. For the foreign policy spokesman of the Free Democratic Party, Alexander Graf Lampsdorf, the hard-line position of the Americans is incomprehensible. “Our relations with the United States are shaped by deep and varied human contacts, almost all of which have been discontinued,” Lampsdorff told the Berliner Zeitung newspaper. “Research projects and business meetings are exactly the same as artwork and private relations.” Regarding Merkel’s trip, he said: “I could not see That the chancellor had advocated lifting the entry ban. In this regard, their trip has been clearly disappointing.”

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