July 13, 2024

Merkel distances herself from SPD candidate for chancellor

Merkel distances herself from SPD candidate for chancellor

Currently, SPD Chancellor candidate Olaf Schulz is leading in the opinion polls ahead of the federal election. Angela Merkel is now distancing herself from him.

The basics in brief

  • Angela Merkel is distancing herself from Vice Chancellor and SPD candidate Olaf Scholz.
  • He did not rule out forming a coalition with the Left Party after the elections.
  • The union accuses Schultz of trying to hide the inheritance for a long time.

Advisor Angela Merkel The CDU apparently distanced itself from the attempt of SPD chancellor Olaf Scholz.

“With me as chancellor, there will never be a coalition in which the left participates. Whether or not Olaf Schulz participates in it,” Merkel said on Tuesday.

“In this context, there is a big difference between me and him for the future of Germany,” she said. Schulz is the Vice-Chancellor and Finance Minister of Merkles Government.

Federal elections On September 26. Schulz’s SPD has their own characteristics scanning accumulation captured and is currently in Many surveys Before.

Inheritance accusation of intrusion

CSULeader Markus Söder and Hessian Premier Volker Bouvier (CDU) accused Schulz of “inheritance intrusion”. Bouvier had said the day before that Finance Minister Schulz had been a member of… Government Try something like this Angela Merkel” close.

But this is a kind of infiltration into the political legacy. We’ll explain it.” Schulz recently took a photo of himself with his hands folded into a diamond for “SZ Magazin” – Merkel’s trademark.

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