April 22, 2024

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Members of the Canadian Parliament refuse to take the oath of office to Charles III

In Canada, several regional parliamentarians refused to take the oath of office to their new head of state, Britain’s King Charles III. In the province of Quebec, 11 newly elected MPs from the Parti Québécois Solidaire yesterday joined three Parti Québécois MPs who refused to take the constitutional oath last week.

Instead, they swore an oath to the people of Quebec. According to lawyers, what is disputed is whether they can take their seats in the provincial National Assembly.

Pledge “in memory of colonial rule”.

Quebec Solidaire spokesman Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois said his party colleagues acted with “full knowledge of the facts.” “We campaigned to change the time in Quebec, and if we were elected to parliament, it was to open the windows,” he said.

Paul St-Pierre Plamonton, leader of the Parti Québécois, described the pledge as “a reminder of colonial rule.” In addition, the monarchy costs “67 million Canadian dollars a year”.

The oath of allegiance to the British Crown has always been controversial in predominantly French-speaking Quebec. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the provincial parliament in Quebec must decide “how to organize their inauguration process.”

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