Meghan Markle rants about ‘South Park’

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from: Susan Cropper

In the American animated series “South Park”, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are very teased. The Duchess of Sussex doesn’t want to let that sit on her.

Montecito – The animated series “South Park” has been broadcast in the USA since 1997, often making headlines for its edgy sense of humor. Fans love the socially critical series of Trey Parker (53) and Matt Stone (51) — celebrities fear them. Stars like Oprah Winfrey (69) or Will Smith (54) on “South Park” are regularly scrutinized in a nonchalant way, and now Meghan Markle (41) and Prince Harry (38) have picked them up too.

‘Dumb prince and his dumb wife’: Meghan and Harry’s legal team want to see ‘South Park’ episode

The “South Park” episode “Worldwide Privacy Tour” is about the Canadian royal couple who wish to withdraw from the public eye, but don’t miss the opportunity to publicly announce their intention – compliments Megxit. Visually, the figures also bear a strong resemblance to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, as the supposed Harry can be seen with red hair and a red beard, and his wife wearing an outfit strongly reminiscent of Meghan’s dress in Trooping the Colour. 2018 parade.

In the current episode of ‘South Park’ (right), Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were targeted – apparently the Sussex setters didn’t meet with a sense of humor. (Edit) © IMAGO / i Images / Cinema Publishers Collection

“I’m sick of hearing about them, but I can’t escape them! They’re everywhere,” explains main character Kyle in the current episode “South Park.” Among other things, royal dropouts are referred to as “dumb prince and his dumb wife.” Fans celebrate the episode, the Sussexes can’t seem to laugh at the insinuations. “According to sources close to the former royals, like so many things with Meghan and Harry, this appears to have legal ramifications,” royal expert Neil Sean loudly declared. woman in. “Your legal team is watching the loop.”

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Meghan and Harry in crisis: ‘If ‘South Park’ turns against you, you can’t recover from it’

The “South Park” show comes at the worst possible time for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Although Harry earned a bestseller with his autobiography Spear (German Reserve), his sweeping attack on the British royal family didn’t necessarily win him sympathy.” I think there’s this misconception that they [Meghan] famous and that Harry is popular in the US,” Greg told Swenson UK News. The Sussex parody of “South Park” now represents a sad landing point for the Sussex family.

If South Park turns against you, you can’t recover from it. In doing so, she epitomizes what worries Meghan Markle most – her image in the United States. Hollywood also seems to be turning away from the Sussexes, and Harry and Meghan weren’t even invited to Oprah Winfrey’s birthday party. The only question is whether the legal dispute won’t put the “South Park” episode in the spotlight even more. Sources used:,

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