March 3, 2024

MediaTek creates security holes in millions of phones

MediaTek creates security holes in millions of phones

Until recently, processors from Taiwanese chip manufacturer MediaTek posed a major security risk. Xiaomi devices were particularly affected.

The basics in brief

  • Security vulnerabilities have been found in many processors from MediaTek.
  • This has made millions of smartphones around the world especially vulnerable.
  • Meanwhile, various vulnerabilities have been filled with security updates.

Thanks to the security company “Checkpoint”, several security holes have appeared in MediaTek mobile processors recently. The Taiwanese company has made several million smartphones a target all over the world hacker and attackers. This is possible Especially devices from Xiaomi And Nokia affected.

MediaTek already offers security updates.

Specifically, the leaks are CVE-2021-0661, CVE-2021-0662, CVE-2021-0663, and CVE-2021-0673. All of this comes from the digital signal processor, which controls the audio functions. For example, it was possible to gain access to the audio data stream via vulnerabilities, Golem explains. Attackers can, for example, have conversations phone follow on.

The good news: The issue has already been fixed, MediaTek has closed the gaps with an October update.

This year, the checkpoint has been increasingly responsible for finding major security holes. For example, the company has a leak Found in Snapdragon chipsWhich phones from SamsungAnd google browserand LG and oneplus concerned.

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