June 14, 2024

Media conference tape - Beijing ambassador: Federal Council gives China "malicious designations"

Media conference tape – Beijing ambassador: Federal Council gives China “malicious designations”

Wang Xiting called the media conference from 10:30 a.m. It is the first big appearance of the new Chinese ambassador in Switzerland. The 53-year-old diplomat took office only in Bern last August.

Wang describes his first contact with Switzerland as follows: Almost 40 years ago, when Wang was still in middle school, a friend showed him a Swiss Army knife. “It shone, the quality was very good, and it was beautiful,” Wang said enthusiastically in a photo of New Zealand.

China’s husband in Bern since August: Wang Xiting, 53, is a career diplomat.

Photo: PD

Wang said that at that time he had not been able to purchase such a knife. Wang’s personal story with the pocket knife is an expression of the unprecedented economic development that China has witnessed in recent decades.

Specialist in Africa

Before his transfer to Switzerland, Wang was primarily interested in Africa as a diplomat. In Africa, China has greatly expanded its investment and political influence in recent years.

Initially, Wang was stationed in South Africa, then became deputy director of the Africa Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing. He then went to Malawi and then to Ghana as ambassador. So far he is the new Beijing man in Switzerland.

He studied in the United States of America

Wang was born in Qufu, Shandong Province, east China, the birthplace of the Chinese philosopher Confucius. Wang studied history and law in China – and received his MA from George Washington University, USA.

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Plain text from the previous one

Ambassador Jing Wenping was Wang’s predecessor in Bern. This gave this newspaper in 2019 An interview in which he was speaking in plain language and in a somewhat non-diplomatic manner. So you can look forward to Wang’s debut.