July 15, 2024

Materials transferred from Chord Electronics are distributed by DREI H

Materials transferred from Chord Electronics are distributed by DREI H

Two years ago, Hamburg-based DREI H took over the distribution of hi-fi components from Chord Electronics. Mobile devices and products will now follow in Germany and Austria from 1 May 2023.

English Manufacturer Program Watar Electronics It consists of active amplifiers, D/A converters, flexible amplifiers and amplifiers for headphones at home and on the go, plus a wide range of expansion options. What they all have in common is the high quality of processing and the best sound.

With portables it is Chord Electronics is now “reunited”.

“We are pleased that we will also be responsible for the sale of mobile devices and mobile phones in Germany and Austria from May 1, 2023,” says Micah Duffin of DREI H on the “sales takeover”. Thus, Chord Electronics is once again “united”.

Hugo 2 portable headphone amplifier from Chord Electronics.

“Sustainably establish the brand”

DREI H continues: “We are very pleased with the trust Chord Electronics has placed in us. With the acquisition of the Portable Products and Devices divisions, the entire Chord Electronics family has been reunited. Our goal is to create the Chord Electronics brand as a single, sustainable unit and to continue to develop it together with our dealers.”

Internet pages: www.3-h.de // www.chordelectronics.co.uk/en

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