Mass leaves church in Bavaria after reports of ill-treatment

In Munich, the number of people leaving the church has doubled, a spokesperson for the district administration (KVR) announced. Other cities in Bavaria confirm this trend. “In the first half of January, that is, before the report, we had about 80 people leaving the church in Munich every working day. Since January 20, that is, since the report, there have been about 150 to 160 church departures on the working day,” the spokesperson said.

And there could be more. Because demand is three times higher than it was at the beginning of the year. But that wasn’t manageable: “The limit here is the limit on our ability, especially in terms of personnel.” KVR extended business times and hired more people. “Despite the extension of working hours and personnel changes, it is likely that it will not be possible to meet all exit requests immediately due to the extremely high demand,” the spokesperson continued.

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