March 3, 2024

Mars: NASA's Curiosity rover shows stunning 360-degree image

Mars: NASA’s Curiosity rover shows stunning 360-degree image

NASA’s Curiosity spacecraft is sending this selfie from Mars to Earth.


NASA’s Curiosity spacecraft sends back a new image of Mars. On them: a man-made device in the center of the red landscape of Mars.

WASHINGTON, DC – NASA’s Curiosity spacecraft has been investigating since the summer of 2012 Mars*He is known to occasionally send selfies from the Red Planet to Earth. Now it’s that time again and the US space agency NASA*has the latest This photo has been edited from Mars – In two copies. The rover Curiosity can be seen on it, surrounded by the red rock to which Mars owes its nickname ‘The Red Planet’.

The image clearly shows where Curiosity will head next: Maria Gordon Notch, a U-shaped hole on the left side of the image. The image, which shows the surface structure of Mars as well as the Sun in the sky, was taken on November 20, 2021, on the rover’s 3303 Mars. The 360-degree panorama consists of a total of 81 images recorded by the “Mars Hand Lens Imager” (MAHLI) rover instrument at the end of the robot’s arm.

NASA’s Curiosity rover sends out a new image of Mars

NASA’s Curiosity spacecraft has been exploring Gale Crater since landing in August 2012 in search of evidence of past life on Mars. The images that have been repeatedly sent back to Earth by the Curiosity or fellow “Persevering” spacecraft, which landed in February 2021, are causing quite a stir.

And not necessarily because of scientific knowledge or the beauty of Mars. Every once in a while, people learn of things in photos of the Red Planet that shouldn’t be there – for example one floating spoon*Dancing woman or “partially buried skeletons” on the floor of Mars.

Mars Pictures: People See Familiar But Impossible

This is the phenomenon of pareidolia, which allows people to learn about known things in the unknown. This also includes, for example, a face on the moon or shapes in cloud formations. Behind this is a kind of “autocomplete” in the brain.

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However, sometimes videos from Mars show something man-made: Breathtaking flight of the “Creativity” mini Mars helicopter* for example. It is the first aircraft to fly on a planet outside Earth. The “perseverant” rover continued to make a fuss: soon after it reached Mars, it solved a major mystery. (tab) * view from IPPEN.MEDIA.