November 28, 2023

Mario Strikers: Battle League reviews available

Mario Strikers: Battle League reviews available

Mario Plays Football Again – Mario Strikers: The Battle League is coming to the Nintendo Switch on Friday. How well does the game perform?

FIFA coming soon DuringeFootball didn’t convince – it’s time for Mario to return to the football field after 15 years. Mario Strikers: Battle League is coming to Nintendo Switch on Friday. The game promises once again the crazy football fun of its first two games, Super Mario Strikers (2005) and Mario Strikers Charged (2007). But Mario & Co. haven’t learned fairness yet:

As in the previous games, the game is played 3 against 3, as well as one goalkeeper who is not controlled by himself. With so many combos, fouls, items and trick shots, you try – of course – to score. Only team “leaders” can activate Special Shots. Ten characters included at release: Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Rosalina, Todd, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Wario, and Luigi. Rosalina and Toad are there for the first time, and it looks like Daisy has retired from football. You can now also change the team’s equipment, which affects values ​​such as speed, strength, and accuracy. Like other Switch games, Mario Strikers can be played with up to eight players on a single console.

Can Mario Strikers: Battle League keep up with its predecessors?

The first reviews have already arrived: Overall, Mario Strikers: Battle League has a score of 75 on both Metacritic and Opencritic (as of Thursday afternoon). This is quite similar to previous titles – Super Mario Strikers got 76, Charged got 79. The gameplay gets the most praise – the chaotic matches are still very enjoyable, the controls have been improved a bit and offer something more depth, look and animations well worth watching though. From Switch Devices Limited. Metro GameCentral He describes the game as “the best and most well-balanced attacking Mario game to date” IGN He praises unbridled action but cautions: There is little new here.

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That’s also the critics’ main point: Like previous sports games on Switch, the new Mario Strikers offers a very good multiplayer experience both online and offline, but offers little in the single-player area. Short tournaments against AI haven’t caught the attention of most reviewers for long. game spot He also criticizes the lack of items, and while praising the different shapes of the arenas, he sees it as a missed opportunity because the environment has no effect on matches. But the online multiplayer mode is a huge step forward.

Overall, the conclusion seems to be this: Battle League offers a great multiplayer experience with a lot of fun, but single players would prefer to wait a little longer to see if more content like DLC has been added. But fans of the Strikers series get exactly what they got from their predecessors.

But the best you can do is convince yourself: We’ll be introducing a game on our channels in the next few days, so stay tuned. Or you can go to the ManaBar in Basel on Saturday – there will be a launch event there from 3pm. 4v4 tournament, where you can also win a copy of the game. You can register here: