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March 2022 Edition The Power of Language

March 2022 Edition The Power of Language

New issue topic:
The power of language

When speech begins, how do children learn it and what does the sound reveal about a person

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life <-> The human

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Language Evolution

Scientists use linguistic, anatomical, and genetic analysis to explore the origin of human language. But how exactly can it be dated? Why can people speak at all?
by Jan Berndorf

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How does gossip become a language?

Linguists and developmental psychologists study how children learn to speak and what happens in their brains. Apparently, complex processes already occur in childhood
by Andrea Mertz

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“It is better to learn a new language in a natural environment”

How can immigrant children be included in the classroom? Language educator Nickel Bulot from the University of Münster knows: What children need is community, not separation.
Interviewed by Andrea Mertz

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how we talk

Voice reveals a lot about a person – for example their physical characteristics and personality traits
by Jan Schoenkenbecher

research perspective

Intuition and error
by Ralph Neumann

Made-to-measure medicine

Medicines tailored to the patient and their disease: What was perfect ten years ago is establishing itself today – and will shape the medicine of tomorrow.
Written by Christian Young

Knowledge <-> the scientist

Few cannibals in the universe

A globular cluster is a prime witness to the gluttony of dwarf galaxies: they grow by devouring others of their kind.
by Thorsten Dambeck

Heaps of stars Methuselah

In globular clusters, stars are held together strongly by gravity. The ancestors of these gigantic structures existed when the universe was chemically backward
by Thorsten Dambeck

science violators

Mask requirements for slumber party

guest star 1181

An international team of researchers has spotted a plume of a supernova that Asian astronomers saw shimmering in the sky in 1181.
by Thomas Buerke

A seminar
intelligence in the universe

The Search for Extraterrestrial Super Civilizations and the Far Future of Life in the Universe: Symposium with the old photo of Astronomy and Physics Science Editor Rüdiger Vaas on 2 and 3 June 2022 in Stuttgart.
To the detailed program

fatal delay

Most animal species give birth to their offspring when the food supply at the breeding site is optimal. However, as a result of global warming, migratory birds often return to their breeding grounds too late
Written by Christian Young

technology <-> the future

Puzzle solution: pangolin

Eight stories in our January issue of hidden inventors and discoverers have activated the instincts of Bild der wissenschaft readers. Find solutions and winners here

Sabine Huseinfelder samples

From Frankfurt to New York in 30 minutes

With physics to achieve victory

If you want to achieve the best performance in winter sports, you should make physics your ally

Organ regrowth

Researchers are developing techniques to create new, viable organs from body tissues
by Reinhard Breuer


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