May 23, 2024

Marcel Vaselík: The 14-year-old is the world kickboxing champion

Teenager’s wardrobe

Marcel Vaselic (14 years old) – From bullying victim to boxing champion

14-year-old Swiss Marcel Vaselík has a whole trophy cabinet at home, he is the best in kickboxing, boxing and karate. He has big goals for the future.


Marcel Vasilich is only 14 years old…

20 minutes / Ella Celik

  • 14-year-old Marcel Vaselík is an amazing martial arts talent.

  • The young Swiss practices kickboxing, karate and boxing at a high level.

  • In 20 minutes he talked about his passion.

Punches with hands and legs occur in quick succession. You sit down, happy kickboxing instructor. 14-year-old Swiss Marcel Vaselík has a combative facial expression, sweat running down his face. A young dietitian is a locker for a teenager. He is 1.80m tall, weighs 85kg and wears shoe size 44.

In his age and weight group, he has already won three kickboxing world champion titles. Most recently in 2022, when he knocked out a local in a playoff in Turkey. In addition, last year he was victorious at the International German Kickboxing Championship. He was also a Swiss karate champion. In short: Vazlik won one title after another. “I collect all my awards in two shows at home,” he says, laughing. “But they are already overcrowded, they need a third party.”

“Now I’m Famous – Finally”

“I was bullied at school,” he says, “also because I was overweight. I didn’t have many friends.” That’s when he started martial arts at the age of six. Also so that he can defend himself if someone pushes him again. Eight years later, the 14-year-old said, “I’m famous now. And people respect me — finally.” The martial artist practices Kickboxing, Karate and Boxing at a high level. “If I hit someone, for me it’s quite an achievement,” he says.

When 20 Minutes meets the 14-year-old at the training center, his dad is there, too. His name is also Marcel Vaselic. You can see his pride in his son. Is he afraid when he sees his son fighting? He replied, “No.” Injuries also occur in non-martial arts. “I am always sweating wildly and I am full of adrenaline,” says Father Vaslik. The mother is the same. “I love my family and I’m glad they support me,” adds the martial arts talent himself.

Mike Tyson is my great role model.

Since prize money in the small area is often kept within limits, Papa Vaselik calls the whole thing an “expensive hobby” and a “passive business”. The family spends up to CHF 15,000 per year. This includes: training, trips to competitions, materials. He would love to do it for his son, but he also says school should not be neglected: “What good is a best fighter if he has nothing in his head?”

The 14-year-old has big goals: “I will do everything to be a boxing champion one day and have a huge fight in the USA.” So boxing – not kickboxing or karate? Fazelik smiles and says, “At the moment I love him more.” For now, he still wants to focus on all three sports, but at some point boxing will be the focus. “Mike Tyson is my great role model. I love his fighting spirit.” Vazlik trains five to six times a week—if the school allows—and jogging is the order of the day on Sundays.

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After the conversation, the unit continues. The 14-year-old’s facial expression is grim and focused again. Fadlik is his element.

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