May 23, 2024

Many leaks from the scandal of Austrian star Marko Arnautovic

Many leaks from the scandal of Austrian star Marko Arnautovic

“I am young, and sometimes I have a few dropouts,” Marko Arnautovic once said at the beginning of his career. He remains faithful to this mantra, even now at the age of 32.

“I am dealing with your mother Shqiptar!” , the Austrian professional scandal was said to have called up his North Macedonian rival Izjan Alewski after his goal to make it 3-1 on Sunday. Not exactly the good kind – UEFA also thought and pinned the “terrible brat” in the match against the Netherlands.

“I am higher than you”

Arnautovic’s career is punctuated by a large number of dropouts. In keeping with the cliché, he’s a fan of fast cars that he uses to drive fast, especially early in his career. When a policeman dares to stop the 23-year-old, he tells the police officer, “Kiss my ass! I earn so much I can buy your life. If you report me, you’ll see. I’m higher than you!” To compensate, “Arnie” wants to give the police officer VIP tickets for an international match against Turkey.

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After moving from Inter to Bremen in 2010, Arnautovic sat in the toilet area of ​​club captain Torsten Frings on day one. When asked politely to clear the place, the young man refuses and replies: “Did you win the Champions League or you?” However, in Inter’s Premier League victory, Arnautovic was not on the field for a second.

“Make an ant out of an elephant”

The Shanghai port professional also regularly creates entertaining laughs and anecdotes. After a 4-1 win over Macedonia in 2019, for example, the 32-year-old believes the match could have “finished with eight or nine numbers”.

In another interview, he admitted: “I’ve always done what was in my head, and of course it was wrong.” His former national team teammate Paul Charner shares this view: “Yes, what do I have to say about Marco? He only has straw in his head.”

Incidentally, the right footer finds the hustle and bustle of dropouts a bit exaggerated. “For me, an ant is often made of an elephant,” he says as early as 2013.