June 14, 2024

Manuel Akanji: The Natty star explains a funny Photoshop glitch

In the game ManCity

Natty star Manuel Akanji explains a hilarious Photoshop glitch from the TV station

In the last match of the English Premier League, a television drawing with a portrait of Manuel Akanji caused laughter. DF Natty reveals how the collapse happened.


Sky TV presenter Lays Manuel Akanji’s head on Bernardo Silva’s body.

A snapshot of the Premier League

  • In mid-March, Manuel Akanji became a “victim” of a Photoshop bug on the Sky Sports TV channel.

  • This places the Swiss’s head on the body of teammate Bernardo Silva.

  • Natty’s star tries to explain the “my late change is to blame” meltdown.

There is no doubt that Manuel Akanji (27) has become the undisputed chief defense of the national team in recent years. In a 5-0 win over Belarus, the Winterthur man put his usual confident performance into the first European Championship qualifiers. But Akanji is not just a member of the national team, he is also a regular player of Manchester City: since his transfer on September 1 last year, he has made 32 appearances – 20 of them in the Premier League.

It seems Sky Sports is not enough. In the last match before the international break, he allowed himself a funny Photoshop glitch. In the duel between Crystal Palace and Manchester City (0: 1), Akanji was in the starting line-up for the compatriots, but in the televised pictures he looked unusually small next to fellow defenders John Stones and Robin Dias.

Last minute change as a problem

Seemingly not having a corresponding full-body photo available, the TV announcer quickly retouched an old Akanji photo onto Bernardo Silva’s body. For comparison: while the Swiss are 1.88 meters tall, the Portuguese have a height of just under 1.73 meters. His teammate Jack Grealish found the photomontage so amusing that he posted it on Instagram (the fourth photo in the post).

“I had to laugh so much when I saw it after the game,” says Akanji, who immediately provides an explanation for the glitch in Photoshop. “The main problem is that I only joined Manchester City on the last day of the transfer window. But the pictures are already taken.” He couldn’t explain why the TV station had chosen Silva’s body out of all things. “I don’t know how they solved it in the previous games either. In the meantime, there is a new image of me, ”says Akanji.

But so far, Akanji hasn’t had to deal with any bigger problems at his new club than the not-yet-existing image. It gets along well with the great media pressure. “We are always expected to win in all competitions. It’s not always possible, but we expect the same from ourselves. That’s why it’s good pressure.”

“Just expect a hat-trick from Haaland”

But before returning to Manchester, the second European Championship qualifier against Israel (8.45pm) is scheduled for Tuesday in Geneva. Akanji is satisfied with the 5-0 win over Belarus at the start: “We did our job, but there are still phases in the game where we can improve things.” He didn’t see Renato Steffen become such a great hero with his three goals. “The only one I can predict a hat-trick before the game is Erling Haaland,” Akanji jokes.

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The Norwegian is also one of his teammates who gets along with Akanji the best. He also occasionally trains with fellow defender Nathan Ake, plays cards with Kyle Walker and Riyad Mahrez – or borrows the body of Bernardo Silva.

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