December 2, 2023

Manual Vote Recount in Georgia: How and When Does It Work?

Georgia The recount of nearly 5 million ballots by hand began Friday after President Trump And the the Republican Party I requested a A statewide audit.

Despite the president’s allegations that have not been widely verified Voter fraud Results have been contaminated 2020 presidential electionAnd the Several news outlets Already announced former vice president Joe Biden To be the expected victor.

Senators: Officials in Georgia warn people not to move to the state only to vote

According to Fox News’ Decision OfficeBiden leads the president, with 0.3%, or just over 14,000 votes, in Georgia. The Associated Press said You will not call the race yet because the organization’s practice is not to do so when a recount is required or possible.

If Biden emerges victorious, he would have clinched 16 electoral votes for Peach State – turning a historic Southern battlefield red.

State recounts take place either when the margin of victory in the race is very small or when a candidate or one party asks after the election.

Georgia Foreign Minister Brad Ravensberger speaks during a press conference on Wednesday, November 11, 2020, in Atlanta. Georgia election officials announced a review of the presidential election results that will lead to a manual recount. (AP Photo / Brynn Anderson)

The Laws The ruling recounting processes differ from one country to another, and some do not provide them at all. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Losing candidates, parties, or voters are permitted to request a recount in 43 states District of Columbia.

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Seven states do not have the required recount, and there are a few states that impose voting totals for the best candidates within a given range for the loser to search for one.

Arizona And the Tennessee Requires a court order to perform a recount, and Massachusetts And the Pennsylvania Need a petition signed by a specified number of registered voters.

Georgia Republican Foreign Minister Brad Ravensberger ordered a recount there as part of the State audit process to reduce risk. This is the The first statewide novel in Georgia history.

The deadline for the state’s 159 counties and thousands of county workers and polls is Wednesday November 18 at midnight until the end.

DeKalb and Fulton Counties, in the Atlanta metro area, were not scheduled to begin the operation until Saturday. According to the New York Times.

Each ballot will be reviewed by auditors and, if necessary, a supervisor or even a bipartisan review committee.

After final results are submitted by counties, Raffensperger will certify the results statewide no later than November 20 and send them to Republican Governor Brian Kemp – Although Kemp was not involved in finalizing the state election results.

However, the Trump campaign He can still request a separate official recount within two business days of state approval if Biden’s lead is less than half a percentage point. Election officials will have to recheck millions of ballots again.

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Operation – paid by Georgia Taxpayers Open to the public.

Ravensberger confirmed to The Times Last week the charges were Lawful.

Election officials And you reportedly expect final results to be similar, Even if not identical to the prime number.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.