July 14, 2024

M-Basketball: Alba Berlin Connection helps the German team

M-Basketball: Alba Berlin Connection helps the German team

aOn Thursday morning, the German Basketball Association published several photos on Instagram. You can watch national players Maodo Lô, Johannes Thiemann, Niels Giffey and Franz Wagner at the airport. “Good morning Berlin” is written under the pictures. It has a deeper meaning: the Germans are not just in town as they will be fighting for a lead against Montenegro in the Round of 16 of the European Championship on Saturday (6pm at MagentaSport).

They are also in the city where their sport has received a huge boost. Lô, Thiemann, Giffey and Wagner play or play for Alba Berlin, the German champions of the past three years, the club that develops basketball in Germany with its ideas and convictions season after season. And the national team.

The Germans can be confident against Montenegro because they have what Alba Berlin has too: a team with depth, confidence in their own abilities and great fun in what they do. In the preliminary round in Cologne, they managed to win against them. France and Lithuania. These are teams with more talent. National coach Gordon Herbert often uses ten out of twelve players in the first quarter. It’s not just the way Germans play with each other, but the way they talk about each other that reminds us of Alba.

Aunt Francesca enters the play

“It would be a very nice feature in the home area,” says Nils Jaffe. Born in Berlin and a two-time college champ in the US, he traveled abroad as a professional only last year at the age of 30, after seven years at Alba. However, he was not happy in Zalgiris Kaunas, and he has not yet received a contract for the new season.

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He seems happier in Berlin. “I’ve noticed in my circle that there is some kind of noise,” he says. With others it is not worth noting that the aunt is waiting to play, and she is with him. Francesca Givi is the ruling mayor of Berlin. “I don’t think she will go to Hertha on Saturday,” her nephew said with a smile.