July 17, 2024

Luminar Mobile for iPad and new for iPhone and Vision Pro

Luminar Mobile for iPad and new for iPhone and Vision Pro

Luminar from Skylum is an advanced photo editing program, or more precisely, an image editing program that has emerged several times in new and radically different directions in recent years. Once introduced as a potential replacement for Lightroom, it was recently (February 2022) re-released as Luminar Neo for easier image processing/editing. The program relies on artificial intelligence (AI) for many of its functions, most of which have been added and will continue to be added. In March 2024, “Lminar for iPad” was released, a simple version for Apple tablets with a user interface optimized for touch operation (Fotointern reported).

Now, on the one hand, “Luminar for iPad” has been officially revised and “Luminar Mobile” has been released, a new variant that can be used on all Apple mobile devices. The new mobile app is available on iPhone, in Apple Vision Pro and of course on iPad. The app is only available as a subscription (1, 6 or 12 months) and for Apple devices only.

Luminar Mobile is an update to Luminar for iPad. According to Skylum, the mobile app aims to offer iPhone users a “unique editing experience” through which photo professionals and amateurs can create or enhance images on the go and afterward. Share it instantly.

Luminar Mobile maintains the innovative design of Luminar for iPad and offers intuitive controls that respond to touch with realistic motion and sounds, making the user experience more fun and engaging.

New: SkinAI and BodyAI

With the launch of the new version, new AI-controlled photo editing functions will be added to the existing ones. In addition to existing features and tools, including AI-powered features like EnhanceAI, SkyAI, StructureAI and RelightAI from Luminar for iPad, which launched in March, Luminar Mobile has two new specialized photo tools: SkinAI and BodyAI, to enhance photographs. People in the best way possible to highlight. One function can be used to smooth the skin, while the other can be used to shape the body to make it slimmer.

On the left is the already built-in filter function, and on the right are the two new functions: BodyAI and SkinAI

For a more immersive experience, Apple Vision Pro users can edit their photos in a virtual reality environment with a custom interface. And for those who prefer the convenience of a larger touchscreen for post-production, the iPad is the ideal choice for mobile applications – with the added benefit of Apple Pencil functionality because Luminar Mobile is fully integrated into the Apple ecosystem.

Prices and availability

Luminar Mobile was released on the evening of June 11, 2024 and has been available in the Apple App Store since then. The software can only be obtained by subscribing. Subscription prices are €3.99 for one month, €15.99 for six months or €23.99 for an annual subscription.

If you want to try out the mobile app, you can test it for free for seven days.

Existing users of Luminar for iPad will receive a free update to Luminar Mobile, giving them access to the app on iPad, iPhone, and Vision Pro via their existing subscription.

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