LUKiS and MeinLUKS play an important role in the research

The first medical diploma of the Lucerne course

Professor Dr. confirmed. Dr. Geatgen Spinas, Member of the Board of Directors of the LUKS Group and Chairman of the University Council of the University of Lucerne. This year, the first JMM students will complete the state exam. Thanks to the new faculty, LUKS offers its staff an academic perspective. However, clinical research is not an end in itself. In institutions with research activities, the quality of care is clearly better and more evidence-based.

Also important for new professionals

Research and thus an academic perspective is also important in terms of hiring new specialists. This should lower the threshold for undertaking clinical research, Reto Pabst added. Internal and external networks, for example with six-week research lunches and two research days per year, have served this purpose.

Prof. Dr. said. Medical on the way, Urs Fischer, Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Basel. With this in mind, scientific questions should be formulated that are also relevant and interesting to third parties and, at best, also convince sponsors. Sufficient time should be allowed for central planning. He would keep the studies as small as possible and only collect data relevant to answering the question.

LUKiS as an excellent search unit

In this context, Herbert Cuskrato Bachmeier, Head of Business Intelligence and Reporting Team at LUKS, operated the LUKiS hospital information system and the MeinLUKS patient application. With its software, the American manufacturer Epic offers an excellent research unit, even for very complex prospective studies. In addition to medical information, Epic databases integrate many peripheral systems such as SAP.

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Of course, data protection is a high priority, both in the US and even in Switzerland. Epic even allows the study name to be anonymized in a way that the medical staff at the clinic can’t see which studies their patients are participating in. Even if one day doctors at LUKS could see patient files from other Epic hospitals such as the Insel Gruppe in Bern, information about files, contacts and results of studies would be hidden.

Digitization is the key to everything

d said Medical Christian Braun, chief physician at the Women’s Clinic. The women’s clinic began digitizing analogue referral data and all handbooks in 2019. It’s been known that modern young women are receptive, said Cornelia Gobsir, chief of care. This is where the digital pregnancy calendar came from. Rachel Hooper, head of the department, emphasized that quickly accessible digital information can support midwives better and better. Also enable analyzes for quality or study purposes in a matter of seconds.

The next research day will take place on Tuesday, November 14, 2023 instead of.

Here are some impressions from the day of the search:

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