December 11, 2023

Lufthansa was concerned about travel restrictions in China

Lufthansa was concerned about travel restrictions in China

Lufthansa is concerned about China’s adherence to strict travel rules, which would harm the recovery of the crane.

China continues to adhere to strict travel rules. Travel to the People’s Republic of China is theoretically possible, but only if travelers go through strict procedures. Now Lufthansa President Carsten Spohr has expressed his serious concern about China’s adherence to strict measures, after all, these methods are very important to the German economy and leverage, such as Reuters mentioned.

slowing down the recovery of economic relations

Lufthansa President Carsten Spohr recently expressed concern about the ongoing travel restrictions in the People’s Republic of China. After the US announced its opening to travelers from Europe in November, Lufthansa has seen a real boom in demand for flights to North America. After all, the roads to the United States are one of the most important crane routes. But flights to and from China have a high financial value for leverage. Therefore, China’s near-total strict isolation of international travelers will hurt the company on its way to recovery, Spohr explained.

We are not only slowing down our recovery at Lufthansa, which also concerns me, but we are slowing down the recovery of economic relations between China and Germany.

Carsten Spohr, CEO of Lufthansa

It is true that foreigners are also allowed to travel to China, but travelers – as well as Chinese nationals upon their return – must go through strict procedures. This includes numerous medical examinations and strict post-entry quarantine regimes. These rules apply to all travelers regardless of their nationality. For international airlines, as well as Chinese airlines, the People’s Republic of China’s adherence to strict measures means a huge risk. Ultimately, the methods were threatened with temporary cancellation once the number of incoming cases increased significantly again.

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A350 Airbus Lufthansa
Lufthansa hopes that China will soon open its doors to travelers.

After all, it goes so well elsewhere, because thanks to the opening of the US borders to European travelers, Lufthansa is currently experiencing a massive streak in flight reservations to the US. Flights to New York and Miami are especially popular right now, so much so that the leverage has to increase. Some roads are even reaching pre-crisis levels due to demand. Lufthansa is in high demand, particularly in the premium classes, i.e. Premium Economy Class, Business Class and First Class.

Conclusion on Lufthansa’s Concern about China’s Routes

Opening of the US border shows how things could go for Lufthansa: Unexpected booking numbers call for increased routes to North America. This is the best that the crane could want from China, which still has very strict travel restrictions. So the roads to the People’s Republic are very important for the crane business – as well as for the German economy as a whole. It is doubtful whether Karsten Spohr’s words will have any impact on Chinese travel policy. But it is certain that these matters are also directed at German politicians to apply more pressure and publicity.

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