November 29, 2023

Lufthansa and its subsidiaries in Switzerland continue to travel to South Africa

Lufthansa and its subsidiaries in Switzerland continue to travel to South Africa

Despite warnings from the German government, Lufthansa continues to operate flights to South Africa. Swiss Airlines has not canceled flights either.

The basics in brief

  • Because of the new virus variant Omikron, there are increasing warnings against travel to South Africa.
  • More and more African regions are being classified as variable regions of the virus.
  • Lufthansa and Swiss Airlines have not yet canceled their flights.

despite of Warnings tightened The German federal government has not canceled any flights prior to travel to South Africa. because of the new Virus variant Omikron She warned against traveling to South Africa. “There are currently no changes to the flight schedule and our flights are still well booked,” a Lufthansa spokeswoman said on Monday.

Swiss and Edelweiss also continue to fly

Lufthansa flies 17 times a week from Germany to South Africa, the airline announced last week.

Since Sunday, the German Foreign Ministry has classified South Africa and seven other countries in the region as different virus regions. This means that airlines are only allowed to return from there if they are German citizens or residents of Germany. Returning travelers must be screened and quarantined for 14 days, including those who have been vaccinated.

According to the Zurich Airport website, neither Switzerland nor Switzerland operate any flights to South Africa from Switzerland Edelweiss fee. Swiss authorities also have entry and exit on Fridays Travel rules for return to and from South Africa as orderd. Only citizens of Switzerland and Liechtenstein are allowed to transfer. In addition, every traveler must show a negative Covid test result, even if they have been vaccinated.

In Switzerland, subsidiaries of Lufthansa Swiss and Edelweiss Nine flights per week in the program. Once a day, the Swiss travel to Johannesburg, South Africa. The Edelweiss He drives to Cape Town twice a week.

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