June 24, 2024

Lucerne stuns against Cham in round two - Basel, GC and Servette celebrate biggest wins

Lucerne stuns against Cham in round two – Basel, GC and Servette celebrate biggest wins

Lucerne goalkeeper Vasic keeps the penalty area in the mini win against Scham.


In Sunday’s matches from the main round of the first cup, the four Premier League clubs qualify without conceding a goal. Only FC Lucerne, who beat neighbors Cham 1-0, are in trouble.

Unsurprisingly, the match was contentious until the end. Zug is one of the best teams in the promotion league. Last season they finished second behind the rookie Everdon. Lucerne have not won their first three Premier League matches this season. So it was decided by Ibrahima Ndiaye’s header before the end of the first half.

In the second half, Shamir had no luck as referee Lukas Vanderich did not award a penalty after an apparent foul by FCL goalkeeper Vasu Vasic. Lucerne’s team excelled in the second half, but they were threatened with a goal until the end.

Basel, GC and Servet with confidence

Basel won the second division Schönenwerd-Niedergösgen 7-0, while the Hoppers win the Interregional second division Widnau 5-0.

Like teammate David Wagner with Young Boys, Basel coach Patrick Rahman has shunned many first-choice players in light of the upcoming European Cup assignments. Striker Tsien Tosche used the rare effort in his starting lineup to open the scoring against Serie B with a low shot in the 20th minute. Later he made himself a double scorer. Since it was already 3-0 in the break, Rahman had no reason to strengthen the team significantly during the second half.

Basel’s Tiki Toshi hits twice at Schönenwerd-Niedergossen.


Grasshoppers led only 1-0 during the break as they often failed due to Widnau’s excellent goalkeeper Ilija Kovacic. Shortly after the break, they scored three goals within six minutes.

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Servette took the lead in the first minute and didn’t give Amical St-Prex (Second Inter-Regional League) a chance. 21-year-old Alexis Antunes excelled in scoring three goals.

Schönenwerd-Niedergösgen – Basel 0:7 (0:3)

Real from Mandakh. – rip: 20. Toshi 0: 1. 37. Petretta 0: 2. 41. Palacios (False) 0: 3. 53. Evils 0: 4. 57. Sene 0: 5. 58. Lo Priore (Eigentor) 0: 6. 62 Toshi 0:7.

Basil: Nikolic. Lopez, Cardoso, Durer, Petrita; Xhaka (62. Limerick), Palacios (74. Esposito); Seni, male (62. Chipita), Millar; Toshi.

Notes: 6. After the shooting of Petretta. 28. Sit Miller Shot. 70 miller shot sit.

Widenau – Grasshopper 0:5 (0:1)

SR Gianforte. – rip: 5. Time 0: 1.53. Momoh 0: 2.56. Georgiev 0: 3. 59. Andre Santos 0: 4. 72. Da Silva 0: 5.

Grasshoppers: Moreira. Arrigoni, Tsvetkovic, Margaretier (46. Toti); Fehr, Schmid (58. Diani), Kawabe, Hoxha; Pusic (46. Da Silva), Demhasaj (46. Momoh), Gjorgjev (58. André Santos).

Notes: Margaretier headed the bar.

Amiical St-Prex – Servette 0:6 (0:4)

S. R. Staubli. – rip: 1. Antunes 0: 1. 23. Antunes 0: 2. 41. Oberlin 0: 3. 45. Antunes 0: 4. 82. Ball (Fault) 0: 5. 83. Mendes 0: 6.

Served: Omergic. Sauthier, Rouiller, Severin (59. Vouilloz), Sawadogo; Cognat, Dolin (74. Niakosi); Stefanovic (74. Mendes), Valls, Antonis (59. Pedat); Oberlin (46. Diallo).

Cham – Lucerne 0:1 (0:1)

S. R. Fähndrich. – Tor: 45. Ndiaye 0:1.

Lucerne: your face. Farkas (57. Tasar), Burch, Badstuber (81. Domgjoni), Frydek; Sidler (85. Grether), Wehrmann, Gentner (85. Emini), Ugrinic; Ndiaye, Surgic.