Lower Austria Municipal Challenge 2022 – We are looking again for the most active municipalities in Lower Austria!

During this time, SPORTLAND Niederösterreich, in collaboration with spusu and two community representative associations in Lower Austria, is looking for the most active place in Lower Austria for the sixth time with the spusu Lower Austria Community Challenge.

“With our nationwide digital sports competition, we want to encourage Lower Austria, young and old, to exercise regularly in the fresh air. Of course, we have set ourselves the previous record of 30 million active minutes as of 2020 as our goal, and we are confident to break This record is thanks to the support of more than 500 of our communities,” State Sports Adviser Jochen Daninger summit Driven to the 6th edition of the Lower Austria spusu community challenge.

“Joint exercise is healthy, fun, and connected.”

“Joint exercise is healthy, fun and connected. By participating in the spusu Lower Austria community challenge, the communities can not only improve their physical fitness, but also enhance their cohesion. For this reason, we are very pleased to be a partner in this campaign and we are delighted that so many people are participating”, as Said the president of the Federation of Municipalities of Lower Austria Johannes Presl. This is confirmed by Robert Durak, President of NÖ GVV: In addition to clubs and organizations in the communities, the spusu Lower Austria Community Challenge also motivates people to exercise and take care of their health. Digital sports competition not only encourages regular exercise, but also promotes social interaction and strengthens a sense of community.”

“Sposo Sport” –apartment Introduces innovations

As last year, this year the ‘spusu Sport’ app will also be used to challenge the Lower Austrian community. This was developed specifically for competition and adapted to the challenging needs of the Lower Austria community. The app is clear and easy to use and can be paired with many GPS-enabled sports watches. Spusu Managing Director Franz Bechler She asserts: “As an avid runner, I know only very well how sport positive in nature affects one’s body and mind. So I am happy that we encourage the people of Lower Austria to exercise through our sports app and invite the communities to a friendly competition.”

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The The application “Sposo Sport” offers Some additional functionality this year: On the one hand, compatibility with sports watches has been expanded again, so that all standard watches from Polar, Garmin, Strava, Suunto, Apple Watch, Huawei and Fitbit can be paired with the app. The pause button allows you to interrupt the sporting activity if necessary. To be able to compete directly with your clubmates, fire brigade buddies or your choir community when collecting active minutes, subgroups can now also be created within the community.

Six Sports Achievement Awards

Participants can win the following prizes for individual sporting achievements:

– Rad Pro: Accumulate 500 minutes by bike in July.

– mileage collector: Gather a total of 150 kilometers during your Nordic Walk or Walk in August.

– for every runner: Collect 300 minutes of running in September.

– evergreenDo the same exercise for at least 30 minutes 3 days in a row

– Quick-wittedDo at least three 30-minute activities before 08:00.

– do not applyowlDo three activities for at least 30 minutes after 8:00 pm.

“With all these improvements, the ease of use and the attractiveness of competition are again improved. I am convinced that we can encourage more Lower Austrians to actively support their community in the challenge before us, and thus make a significant contribution to the physical and mental well-being of our residents,” State Sports Adviser Jochen Daninger Passionate about innovations.

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