December 10, 2023

Lots of snow awaits you in the next few days

Lots of snow awaits you in the next few days

The first snow in the lowlands

Snow falling into the plains improved the start of Friday for winter lovers. Members of the Blue News editorial team record their winter impressions in the video.


Winter is here to stay for at least a few more days: Meteorologists expect more snow in almost all of Switzerland by Monday morning.

To all the inhabitants of the lowlands who are today filled with joy first snow cover They have reacted, there is more joyful news: Until Monday there should be some fresh snow. This is shown by a look at the new snow forecast map from Meteoschweiz, the Federal Meteorological Office.

Areas colored with the lightest shade of green face between 1 and 10 cm of fresh snow. Dark shades of green mean that 10-20 cm or 20-30 cm of new snow is expected. For areas colored blue, weather experts have predicted amounts of up to 40 cm.

Almost everywhere, it’s supposed to snow again on the weekend – more in the blue areas than in the green ones.


Meteonews, a private weather service, is also forecasting more snowfall across almost the entire country by Monday. It remains to be seen where the lie ends up. Because when the earth’s temperature is above freezing point, the splendor of white quickly returns to the collar.

Renewal of the ice will probably be necessary again in many places, because the first tasting on Friday night was minimal: Meteo-Switzerland reported 1 to 2 cm in initial equilibrium, in the Alps it was at least 5 cm locally. On the other hand, at lower altitudes, the snow increasingly turned into rain during the day.

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