Lost Ark: Today’s update fixes your mistakes

On April 28 comes the weekly update from missing coffin and settle your mistakes. At least if you’re not completely careless. We at MeinMMO summarize the update for you.

Update 1:49 pm: Servers come back online 11 minutes earlier than scheduled. We wish you good loot in Arkesia!

What is in the update? Weekly update in the shade of course From the big April update From last week and therefore can not keep up in terms of scope. However, there are some useful details, tweaks, and changes.

The changes mainly affect current events. Including the Swift event and Guardian Raid event.

This is the developer’s response to community complaints. You can only select the quick event and start it on one character, but you simply won’t get anything beyond Gearscore 1100. Some players didn’t read this warning and started the event on their main character.

This frustrated the players, as they didn’t get anything from the really good event. With the update, the developers are giving a helping hand to these players and making up their mistakes again. This announcement came on April 26 Via Twitter And create excitement in the community.

Famous Lost Ark streamer and host Neek2lo comments: “Not 10 minutes before the update and you’re actually taking care of the problem. Plus, you provide a timely solution. Keep it up!” The others thank the developers for that too.

May update faster than expected

Moreover, patch notes give the first predictions for the May update. This should appear in the third week of May. However, the developers note that this plan can still be changed and that the content of the update is not final.

Correction notes give a glimpse into the future

Here are the main features of the update:

  • You can now change the selected character for a quick event once if you haven’t used up the rewards yet. Additionally, the event can no longer be accepted by characters with a Gearscore greater than 1,110.
  • The time to complete the Express event has been extended from June 30 to July 28.
  • The Guardian Raid event will also be extended through May 19. There are also new rewards for Guardian Raids event codes.
  • There have been some changes to rewards from early game missions that award gold. These no longer give gold. This is to prevent bots from farming.
  • Various bug fixes
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What is the maintenance period?

Update 10:40 am: Patch notes have been updated and maintenance has been extended from 4 hours to an estimated 5 hours.

The servers will shut down at 9:00 AM German time and are expected to remain offline for 5 hours. According to the current situation, you can leave for Arkesia only at 2:00 pm.

We will of course keep you updated on maintenance work in this article.

Since these are relatively small changes, there is no need to expect a larger download.

Update 1:42 PM: The update can be downloaded via Steam and is 58MB in size.

Patch Notes – All Info

express mission event

  • Added a feature that allows you to change your character for an Express Mission event if you haven’t previously used T1 and T2 boost rewards from the event.
    • You can only change your character once for an Express Mission event.
    • Please note that if you delete a Quick Mission event character, you will not be able to create a new character.
  • The event has been modified so that you can only select 50 characters with an item level below 1100 called the Quick Mission event – Characters.
  • The patterns available in the Quick Mission event pattern selection boxes have been updated. All engravings are now available and all claimed and unused check boxes will be retroactively updated to provide you with a full set of engravings.
  • Updated the end date in the event list so that it now shows July 28 as the event end date.
  • You still need to select a character to participate in the Express Mission event before the selection period ends on June 30. However, you can complete missions with your character until July 28.
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For more details and details about the changes made to improve the Quick Mission event, go here: Express Mission Event 6 Update.

event guard raid

  • The Guardian Raid spin-off has been extended until May 19 to allow player progression before a content update in May.
  • Rewards expiration dates for items you received from a Guardian Raid event have been revised to the new expiration date of May 19.
  • Guardian Raid event rewards updated.
    • Gem chests have been removed to prevent over-cultivation.
    • The following items have been added to the weekly rewards:
      • Legendary Card Pack – Rare (3)
      • Regulus Light Coin Box (1)
      • Chest Chapter Inscription Guide (10)
      • Uncommon Battle Pattern Guide Selection Box (10)
      • Chapter Engraving Guide Box – Rare (10)
      • Combat Inscription Guide Pick Box – Rare (10)
      • Epic Chapter Engraving Guide Selection Box (10)

Additional fixes

  • Golden rewards from many early missions in the world and strongholds have been replaced with a new set of rewards to prevent robot cultivation.
  • Xereon dialogue update during “Alliance for Time” mission in South Vern.
  • Fixed an issue where debug text was displayed when placing an object in the fortress.
  • Required Feiton Energy Permits expiration date has been corrected to June 30th.
  • Please note that ALL Feiton Power passes expire on June 30th, regardless of when you apply for them.

What do you think of the update? Did you miss the event yourself? Do you think these changes are justified, or would you piss players off if there was no help? Are you already looking forward to the May update? Write it down for us in the comments here at MeinMMO. We look forward to your opinion.

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