March 3, 2024

Lost Ark: Update and server down on February 17th

Lost Ark brings a big update tomorrow with server downtime for 8 hours

MMORPG missing coffin It brings a new update on March 24th, which brings massive payouts to players. Additionally, you can expect many new mechanisms and bug fixes as well as downtime. We at MeinMMO tell you all about patch notes and server maintenance.

What is in the update? The weekly update is especially big this week and this is not only noticeable in the downtime. Lots of new content, compensations, and bug fixes awaits you. But the most important are the following elements:

  • A new event with Guardian raids is easier for all players as Amazon responds to the lack of upgrade materials.
  • The first PvP season starts on March 24th and allows you to rank up. Only 30 players can get the best rank.
  • Lots of gifts for players. These include packs, legendary card packs, character and pet skins, new mounts and upgrade items for all levels.
  • Bug fixes for the Arkesia Grand Prix event, as well as quests, voice chat, and translations.
  • New system to stop the bots in the game. Society is currently in desperation from the deluge of bots.

With the update, Amazon quickly reacts to players’ wishes and The discussion about the so-called dead zone when upgrading equipment. It turns out to be much more comprehensive than that Last week’s update that also brought in some payoffs.

What is the maintenance period? The servers go offline at 6:00 AM German time. Then the correction is applied and maintenance work is carried out. It is expected to last 8 hours. So the servers should be back online at 2 PM.

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Of course we will keep you updated with the current status of the servers.

We also assume that you will need to download a patch once the servers are back online because the changes are quite extensive.

March 24 Weekly Update – Patch Notes

  • Enjoy Guardian Raids in a more relaxing way! Relax, play, and get booster items as rewards. The balance scale is used to adjust the character’s stats at the guardian level, and the difficulty level is adjusted according to the number of participants in the raid.
  • Players can challenge Helgaia, Helgaia of Frost, Lumerus, Ur’Nil, Vertus, Chromanium, Nacrasena, Dark Legoros, Ice Legoros, Calventus and Levanos! This event, which players with item level 250 or higher can participate in, will run for about a month.
  • The full supply of Level 1, 2, and 3 Refinement Material Chests, Mining and Sewing Books (to increase the improvement rate) and Level 3 Gem Chest is available for purchase every week until the end of the event.
  • The first season of Competitive Trials Arena begins after the weekly update was discontinued on March 24th. Players can wait in Team Deathmatch mode and compete against each other for glory and rewards.
  • You can look forward to a gift filled with fun cosmetics and useful items. Gift includes:
    • New skin pick box: animal
    • Companion checkbox: Mokoko
    • Stand Selection Box: Moko . Tablet
    • Unified Structure Lost Ark
    • Appearance swap ticket
    • Fion x132
    • Tommy Menelik x5
    • Legendary Selection Chest: Map Pack x2
Pet leathers and mounts from the vamp.
  • In addition to the above items, another gift for those who focus on boosting! When each chest is opened, players can choose from the options listed below.
    • 5 Leapstone Pick Boxes
      • Harmony Jumpstone x50
      • Life Leap Stone x50
      • Leap Stone x30 Honor
    • 6 Watchstone Pick Boxes
      • Guardian Stone Fragment x1000
      • Guardian Stone x1000
      • Guardian Stone Crystal x200
    • 2 destructible stone pick boxes
      • Destroy stone fragment x1000
      • Stone of Destruction x1000
      • Crystal stone destruction x200
    • 1 Pick Box: Special Reinforcement Material
      • K1 Metallurgy Book x2 & Tailoring Book x10. Metal and Sewing Book × 10
      • K2 Metallurgy Book x2 & Tailor Book x10
    • 2 fusion material selection boxes
      • Caldarr Fusion x50 . material
      • Oreha fusion materials at least x25
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Arkesia Grand Prix Modifications:

  • The weekly reward schedule now also includes the Mining and Sewing books (to increase your boost rate).
  • There are now more weekly boosters to ensure players are rewarded for participation.
    • The (Bound) Destruction Stones Crystal now comes in packs of 50 and can be exchanged for up to 10x.
    • Guardian Stone Crystal (Bound) now comes in packs of 150 and can be exchanged for up to 10x.
  • Now you can earn more coins to make it easier to buy new items and get the rewards you want. Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raid now awards 125 coins instead of 100 for each character’s first two daily completions. Daily completion of the Grand Prix itself now rewards up to 888 coins instead of 800.

New anti-fraud and bot system:

  • In this update there is a new system to prevent bots and fraudulent purchases. Players with an active Steam account who have met the minimum purchase requirements to use Steam social systems should not notice this at all.
  • Players who claim this trusted status through Steam or missing coffin It does get limited access to a few social and economic systems. Specifically, these players will have a lower daily limit on Steam purchases than “trusted” players and will not be able to:
    • Initiate deals between players (although they can receive orders)
    • Send in-game gifts
    • Replacing the royal crystal with gold
    • Send emails with in-game attachments

Other bug fixes:

  • New notice made for failed purchases.
  • In-game translation and subtitles have been fixed and improved.
  • Fixed a bug where players could accept the “Off to the Races” mission without being at level 50.
  • Fixed voice chat issues in South America.
  • Fixed an issue where Adventure Island rewards could only be claimed once during a weekend.
  • The ‘world boss’ investigation bug has been fixed. Players who have already earned this achievement will see it completed.
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What do you think of the updates? Are you satisfied with the compensation and are you looking forward to the action? Are there still things that still bother you in Lost Ark despite everything? Write it down for us in the comments here on MeinMMO.

What’s particularly exciting is whether these payouts will reduce the debate around the latest content update, the Argos raid. Because for many, new content was too fast.

Lost Ark brings new content very quickly, says “I didn’t think players would go crazy”