October 4, 2023

Die Uhr tickt – der Klimakollaps droht.Foto: zVg/Gerd Altmann Foto: Die Oberbadische

Lörrach: A Call to Knowledge: Don’t Waste Your Valuable Time – Lörrach

But you showed us how small the window of opportunity is to avoid the end of the world? Didn’t you teach us that silence is a waste of your valuable time? We the grandparents from Lörrach repeat our request: we need you by our side when we wake up for the climate.

Because at the moment there is almost nothing that scientists hear or read.

So people, the media and politics come up with a killer explanation that everything is not so bad with climate change. It doesn’t have to be!

It is true enough: Research and science are in themselves apolitical disciplines. But it is precisely in dealing with the new epidemic that the daily advice of science, virologists and epidemiologists is important to the decisions of politicians. As a result, scientists are here in public places with a huge impact almost every day.

We hope it will continue to power politicians with the information they need to be able to set a clear path in the fight against global warming, even in times of a pandemic – and persuade and exclude their constituents in the process.

In fact, the consequences and risks of global warming are no longer just an abstract idea. It is feared that soon one will see the evolution of global warming in the evening weather report.

Dramatic development can therefore be illustrated by using many facts from a wide range of specialized fields. Please do this for the sake of us citizens and also for the media, so that the entire population is awake – so that the politicians are also pushed to take appropriate action.

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Much is at stake. This is not ours, but your knowledge! Scientists – please come back into the spotlight! “