Looking for pumpkins in a hay cart in Canada

The day started early. At 6.30 AM, Philip Dallman made his way to the pumpkin farm. A little later it was breakfast time and then we started getting ready for the day. After all, many families wanted a piece of the coveted plant. “In the few months I worked there, we had tens of thousands of visitors,” he recalls.

In 2007, Dallman helped out for a time on a pumpkin farm in Canada – southeast Vancouver to be exact. “I have always been very interested in Canada. The farm is very idyllic,” says the trained gardener, who originally came from Fröndenberg, but now lives in Wickede.

Hay cart driving is a major activity

On the recommendation of a friend, he quickly called the owners of the farms with whom he was on the same wave. October means classic pumpkin season not only in the United States, but also in Canada, because Halloween is just around the corner.

Pumpkins were shown on this cart. © Private © Private

The focus of his activity was the traditional and popular “hayride” – a hay cart. Visitors sit on rectangular bales of hay or straw set on trailers. It is towed by a tractor controlled by Dalman.

“Trailers were pulled through the pumpkin field by tractors. In the pumpkin field we parked and visitors could pick the pumpkins. It’s a lot of fun, especially for the kids,” says Dallman, who is now a horticultural consultant for the NRW Residential Real Estate Association.

stuck with full gear

After families collected pumpkins, plants became

by size. Then it was time to “sit down” again and the visitors were kicked out of the square.

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One trip made a special impression on Wickeder: “Once I got stuck with the tractor and two trailers full. After all the visitors got off the trailers, I was able to drive the trailer for free again.”

This pumpkin farm is located in Fort Langley, southeast of Vancouver.
This pumpkin farm is located in Fort Langley, southeast of Vancouver. © Private © Private

He would like to return to Canada again, but this has not happened yet. But Dallmann also has a passion for pumpkins in his homeland. He planted the plant several times in his parents’ garden.

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