June 14, 2024

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Long-term vacuum cleaner | DiePress.com

In Lower Austria, a vacuum cleaner robot appears to have had enough of its work going and saw an opportunity to escape when the sliding door opened just in time. His adventurous journey ended in a landfill.

Is there really a robot rebellion? Mostly not. However, a search campaign calling for the help of the fugitive family in Weilburg provided little amusement. Fluffy, the robot vacuum cleaner, has been nowhere to be found for two days after he no longer wants to work in a shop in Weilburg. Escape through an open sliding door. Apparently, the escape was not immediately noticed. The owner launched a Facebook search. This was initially unsuccessful.

Eventually it was found in a garbage dump. A community worker discovered an abandoned robot on a street lamp. Tech assistance juice ran out on his flight, so the man assumed the device had been improperly disposed of on the street.

Meanwhile, the owner and “Fluffy” are reunited. It’s not the first robot to escape. As reported by “The Guardian”, there was a similar incident in a hotel in Great Britain. This robot was eventually discovered in a fence in the hotel grounds.

Police operation in the United States

In the USA in 2019, a robot vacuum cleaner caused a police operation. In the middle of the night he seems to have become independent. Suspicious voices also awakened the couple, who, in turn, were afraid to break into the house and alerted the police.

Not the first operation of this kind: in Germany, the police had to go out in 2017 after neighbors noticed strange movements in the company building. Have someone sneak across desks with a flashlight. The police broke in, surrounded the building and found a robotic lawnmower that couldn’t find its way to the charging station, so it turned on its flashlight.

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