July 15, 2024

London wants Washington to be on its side

London wants Washington to be on its side

HDoes the post-Brexit dispute between London and Brussels have a transatlantic dimension? The Daily Telegraph reported on Thursday that the British government had launched a “counterattack” in the United States to gain more support there. A special envoy should be sent to the embassy in Washington in order to “counter the European Union’s efforts to bring the Biden administration against the United Kingdom.”

A British government official did not want to confirm any details of the FAZ, but described the “attempt to better explain the British position abroad” as “reasonable”. Efforts should also be increased in Berlin and Paris. For the time being, London’s arguments “are not going well internationally”.

The initiative focuses on the struggle over the special status of Northern Ireland after Brexit. US President Joe Biden stood by the European Union during the exit process. In London, this is also attributed to his Irish roots and close ties to the government in Dublin. When the British threatened to revoke the exit pact last fall, Biden questioned the free trade agreement with America that London had been yearning for during the election campaign at the time.

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The conflict was defused at the time, but Brussels recently announced legal action after London unilaterally extended the grace period for some cargo checks between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. London sees no violation of the agreement on this.

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